About Us

Today we know that factors such as diet, vitamins, supplements, exercise and skin care play a major role in our overall well-being. Today there are many, and good, players in the market providing us with skin care in this line but what many don't know is that the founder of the brand, Marja Entrich, realized this much earlier than the market was thriving and has for 77 years been a pioneer in her field - natural skin care.

Marja Entrich has received two Grand Prix Esthetic de CIDESCO gold medals for her groundbreaking discoveries and pioneering work in skin and body care, which can be likened to the cosmetics industry's "Oscar". The first in 1957 in Brussels and the second in 1989 in Athens. Congratulations Marja!

Marja Entrich products are derived from organic raw materials from around the world that are grown under careful control. The products are developed in parallel with the latest research findings in cooperation with leading laboratories in Europe.
To ensure that the raw materials in Marja Entrich products are always of the highest quality and keep up with the latest developments, Marja Entrich products continuously follow EU and FDA recommendations in this area.

Marja Entrich's products have enjoyed great success and increasing customer satisfaction. Marja Entrich Green Line has been established since 1943 and it became the obvious choice when organic skincare products became the only real option.

If you haven't come into contact with the brand before, ask a friend, parent, aunt or grandparent - we're sure that one of them has been in contact with Marja Entrich or has one or more products in their bathroom cupboard. Because that's how it is, once you've tried products with the highest quality of plant ingredients, you don't change products in the first place.

Marja Entrich products are at the forefront of biological skin care; its change and development and intend to continue with it!